ELLIE JOY : UPDATE - The Perfectly Imperfect Mama


by - Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Ellie Joy will be 15 MONTHS old next week & I can hardly believe it!

I haven't updated y'all on my Itty Bitty girl since she was ten months, so, today I am here to do just that!
She is just the sweetest little thing!
And girlfriend loves her paci!
She's so silly & loves all things food!
SHE TURNED ONE the end of February.
But before that, she pulled a small behind the couch table over on top of her & almost gave this mama a heart attack.

Third child in & you would have thought she was my first the way I freaked out!
That knot!
We rushed to urgent care & thankfully she was just fine.

Gosh, it looked AWFUL!
She still loves bath time.
Like, LOVES it!
The girl loves her sleep!
I've never had a baby who has loved a schedule as much as her.
Around 7:15 every night, she wants her milk, sleep sack & says "night night" over & over! She sleeps 12 solid hours & it's heavenly!

I'm convinced she is making up for those first NINE months of NOT sleeping.
She loves playing outside.
And is no longer nursing.
Y'all, BEST 12 months experience ever!
She was a rock star & I was so worried about weaning her because she loved it BUT, she weaned herself!!  So as of the first week of March, she is on whole milk!
She isn't walking yet, but just yesterday took 5 steps!
She will stand up in the middle of the room with nothing around & has been doing that for a few weeks now, so, I'm waiting on her to just take off one day soon.
She's my last baby so I'm just going to enjoy these last few weeks of her not doing big girl things yet! 😉
Fifteen months will this beautiful girl.

✦She loves to talk & can say : Ma Ma, Da Da, thank you, milk, bye bye, more, hey, uh oh, yes (while shaking her head), Pop & Paw-Paw!

✦She can also tell you what a pig & dog say!  Even though they sound a lot alike! LOL

✦She has four teeth & two more coming in.

✦Baby Shark is still her jam!

✦She loves her some Cooper & Millie Jo but is 100% a mama's girl!

Gosh, I can't imagine life without her & I still look at her & thank God that He knew my heart needed her!

My Itty Bitty girl.  You are so loved!


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