ELLIE JOY : THREE MONTHS - The Perfectly Imperfect Mama


by - Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ellie Joy is 4 almost 5 months old now & I am so behind on her monthly updates! SO, today I am finally sharing month #3!

But first, I have to share this ...
Exactly one year ago yesterday, I found out I was pregnant with this baby.
  I remember crying when the test came back positive because after the heartache of losing Ruthie Belle, I was absolutely terrified.  Happy but terrified. I wanted this baby so bad!
She is why.
My sweet Itty Bitty rainbow baby.
Confession .. I JUST took her three month pictures the other day but the ones below were taking when she just turned three months.
Her four month pictures might look similar to her 3 month.
Not much changed from two to three months except her looks.  She started filling out but still so little! :) 

And if you've missed any of her previous months, you can read them here …

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