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Ellie Joy's First Month

by - Thursday, April 26, 2018

Happy Friday Eve, friends!
Before I start sharing Ellie Joy's first month with you, I have to talk about yesterday!
Yesterday Dan & I celebrated nine years of marriage!! NINE!!  How can we even be old enough to be married that long!?! 😉 
We didn't do anything fancy ... as a matter of fact I spent my morning at the doctor for Ellie Joy's two month check up, Dan worked, we met and had lunch together with our girls at Firehouse Subs because #helloturkeybaconranchsub & then we had hamburger helper for dinner.  HA!!
Nine years married and almost fifteen years together.
There has been a lot of laughs and love throughout these years but there has also been many tears and heartache.  One thing we both know for sure though, our marriage is worth it.  It's worth fighting for. Always.
We hope you are following along with our marriage blog series to see how God has been working in our marriage!

Dan, I love you.  I love doing life with you.  I love this life we have and continue to create together.  No one makes me laugh the way you do.  You make me a better person.  I love the way you love me.  Thank you for being you, babe!  I can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend!
Happy Anniversary!

And now about my Itty Bitty!

Oh my heart! I can't believe she is now two months old!
I really wish my pregnancy would have went by that fast instead of the newborn days.
Today I am sharing all about her first month & plan to do this monthly for her first year but we all know that life happens sometimes & it may not happen every month.  Or I may do it but will be super late sharing!!
There's a reason she got the nickname "Itty Bitty" 😍
At four weeks old she weighed only 8lbs 8oz!
 Oh those sweet sleepy days.
She is starting to stay awake more & is so alert!  Just recently she started keeping eye contact, smiling & coo'ing.  The SWEETEST!!
She had her first date with mommy & daddy at four weeks old!
She LOVES her bed and would probably sleep in it all night if I would let her but this mama is NOT ready for that yet! 😉
Her first bath!
She loves bath time!
Cooper & Millie Jo both still love their baby sister so much!  They fight all the time of who gets to hold her and are constantly STILL in her face.  I have to tell them 476 times a day to be quiet because she is trying to sleep! But they really are the sweetest siblings.  Cooper calls her "sweet girl" & my heart melts!
I held this baby girl pretty much her entire first month..& might still.  I want to savor every moment of these baby days because I know that she is our last ... unless God has other plans ... & I know how quickly it goes by! 

She is the best little nurser!  She was diagnosed with acid reflux when she was only four weeks old but even with that, she hardly ever cries and is such a dream baby. 

We can not imagine life without our sweet Ellie Joy!

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