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Our Weekend

by - Monday, April 09, 2018

Hey Hey Monday!

On Friday, my father-in-love had surgery.  He found out a few weeks ago that he has cancer but surgery went well & we are praying that it has not spread & that he is on the road to recovery & remission!

Friday night Dan spent the night at the hospital with him but left long enough to take Coop to baseball practice.
And while they were there ...
This is what my evening looked like until Millie Jo left to go spend the night with my aunt.
On Saturday morning we woke up to this girl being six weeks old!
I need time to slow down just a little bit!
Millie Jo went to see our cousin compete in her gymnastics competition Saturday & had so much fun!  Girlfriend loves her some gymnastics.
Millie Jo was gone until Saturday afternoon & Dan didn't get home until then either since his dad was able to go home from the hospital, he took him home & stayed with him for a little bit.

And while Coop played most of the day ...
 I was just over here getting ALL the snuggles! 😍
 Until Dan got home. 😉
And this girl just looked too sweet sleeping after a long day of gymnastic competition!

Sunday morning we went to church & afterwards had my parents over for lunch.
 Big ↣ Middle ↣ Little
 He loves her so much!
 And this girl does too. 
She thinks she's her own baby doll!
Oh & I just can't stop the sister sets, ya'll.
Oh Sundays are so sweet!

We ended our weekend watching WrestleMania because #boymom & Coop is obsessed.
And this is what Itty Bitty thought of it!

How was your weekend!?!
I hope it was such a good one!!

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