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by - Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Happy Tuesday!

Surprise, Surprise … I am SO behind on Ellie Joy's monthly updates BUUUUUUT better late than never … right!?!  Somebody just agree with me.

My Itty Bitty is six months old already & I just can't believe it.  Last night I was feeding her before bed & I thought about when she starts kindergarten, Millie Jo will be starting fifth grade & Cooper will be starting his last year of middle school.  WHAT!?!  Y'all, I'm telling you, babies don't keep!

Ok, I'm wiping my tears away [for now] & savoring every second.

Today I'm sharing all about Ellie Joy's fourth & fifth month with you!
FOUR months …
This sweet girl is still tiny!
At her four month check up, she weighed only 12lbs!  When I went back & looked to see how much Cooper & Millie Jo weighed at this age, they were both over 15lbs!
She officially found her thumb in June.  And while she still would rather have her paci, she does love that little thumb, too.
I think we've probably talked about THIS SEAT before, but I can't say enough good things about it!  It is WONDERFUL!! She sits up on the bed with me when I do laundry, she sits up on the table when Cooper & Millie Jo do their homework, in the floor while I clean.  It's just so easy to take along & it even folds flat & has a handle to carry it by.  Mama's with babies, you NEED one! 
She's such a happy girl.
And she LOVES the water!
She may or may not have her big brother wrapped around her tiny finger.
She started cereal at four months old & then we moved to vegetables.  She wasn't quite ready for the veggies until closer to five months though!
Pure JOY, this girl!

FIVE months …
Up until five months, she hated … and I do mean HATED … riding in the car.  Every time I would put her in her car seat she would scream & continue in the car until we got where we were going and she was out! We have had many car rides with the radio loud, singing You Are My Sunshine, or with the AC as loud as it would go to sound like her sound machine! Anything to calm her down!
 She thinks Dan is just so funny.
One night, she decided that 12am would be a fun time to be awake … Dan was sleeping & she grabbed his beard & yelled at him like "wake up & play!"
 She found her feet around four months but around five, she figured out that they were so much fun to eat. 😉
At five months she started sitting up with support!
And Millie Jo just thinks she's her own baby doll & can do whatever she wants with her! 😉
She loves riding in a buggy ...
And still loves bath time!

My sweet Ellie girl!

If you missed any of her previous months, you can find them here ...

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