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by - Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A couple months ago, Millie Jo had went to Home Depot with Dan.  When she got home, later that evening, she came to me & asked if she could tell me something.  I, of course, said yes.  I want all of my children to always be able to come to me, trust me, & know that they can always tell me anything … no matter what.

I could tell she was upset so I sat her down & asked her what was wrong.  She started telling me that while her & Dan were walking through the store, she was twirling around because #MillieJo … the girl twirls more than she walks, & this other little girl walked by her & said "I'm prettier than  you" & started twirling around herself.

Millie Jo was crushed by her comment.

And I was crushed for her being so upset about it.

Girls can be mean.

Really mean.

I spent time reassuring her that the little girl was not being nice but also explaining to her that yes, that little girl was being mean, but she should still be kind to her.  We never know what someone is going through & as Christians we are to love as Christ loves us.

I reminded her how beautiful she is & that she's so beautiful because Jesus is in her heart.

I made sure she knew that it was perfectly normal for her to be hurt, but know that the little girl's words were not true.

I want to raise my girls to know that they don't have to be like the other girls.  Just because their friends are doing something, doesn't mean they have to.  I don't want them to look for their worth in anyone or anything.  I want them to know that only Jesus can give them that.  I don't want them to judge others on their outer appearance, I want them to be kind.

I want them to know that beauty is not only on the outside.  Do I think it's important to take care of yourself?  Absolutely.  But I want them to know that even on the days when they are all dolled up, they are the same person as if they were in their sweats, messy bun & no make up.  I want them to stay true to who God made them to be.  I want them to have a pure heart.  I want them to stay humble.  I want them to know that happy girls are the prettiest.  I want them to find the good in people … even the ones who are mean to them.  I want them to be able to pray for the people who treat them poorly. 

I want to be an example for my girls.  

Mama's, they are watching us.  
They are learning from us.

Just last night, I had thrown on a pair of leggings, a t-shirt & hat to go the kids' soccer games.  I looked in my bathroom mirror & thought to myself, "good grief, I have GOT to lose weight."  I had already decided whenever I got downstairs, I was telling Dan that I am so overweight & just look so "blah."  About the time I got to the bottom step, Millie Jo says "Mommy, you just look so cute in that outfit."

I needed that.

Here I am supposed to be teaching her ...

I pray both of my girls always have an uplifting spirit.

I pray that Christ always shines through them.

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  1. I love the way our kids teach us so much and I just hope we can build up their self worth in Christ. It can be such a mean world, may we be lights!