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by - Friday, September 28, 2018

Hey y'all!

We made it to FRIDAY! 

We have such a fun & busy weekend planned but I just can't help to think about the six year old little boy that went missing here in North Carolina on Saturday & they just found his body yesterday.  I have cried watching the news! Hold your babies extra tight!


Yesterday, I shared A LITTLE BIT OF THIS & THAT WITH COOPER & today, I am sharing what's been going on in Millie Jo's life!
My favorite five year old!
She is still a little fish & would swim all the time if I'd let her!
The girl loves her some cotton candy & earlier this summer, we went to the candy shop at a town right near us & let her spin her own!
 Always be prepared to laugh when Millie Jo is around.
You just never know what she's going to say or do!
She started KINDERGARTEN last month and LOVES it!
And the homework that comes with it!
 Speaking of school, this week was Johnny Appleseed Day & look how cute my girl is in her apple shirt Mimi made her!
 The girl will nap anywhere … obviously. 😉

 And she loves anything Red Velvet.
We had such a fun summer!
Millie Jo's current favorite board game is Clue Jr & only wants to play it 748 times a week.
This summer, she took a week long dance camp & the theme was JoJo Siwa. Girlfriend is OBSESSED with her!
Not only did she go to camp, she was asked to try out for the competition team AND SHE MADE IT!!  We are so proud of her & made sure she knew it!  However, after lots of prayer, we decided that in this season of our life, now wasn't the best time to start such a huge commitment.  She's only five & starting kindergarten was already a big deal so for our family, right now, it was the best decision.
She's playing soccer for the first time this fall & loves it.
The girl is SO good at it & scored a goal at her last game!  
And she's decided she wants to try out cheerleading after soccer, too.
She has turned into a HUGE daddy's girl.  She even has him putting fake nails on her!
She was invited to a friend's birthday party last weekend & BELLE was there!
My girl has lost TWO teeth!  Both times she let Dan pull them!
This picture was when she lost her very first one.

And that's what my sweet Millie Jo has been up to!

Rocking kindergarten, soccer, the big sister life & just being the funny girl she is!

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  1. You should put a Y on the end of JO because she is so full of joy! She is your mini and beautiful inside and out just like her momma!