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by - Tuesday, August 28, 2018

My kiddos started school yesterday & this mama was NOT ready! Call me crazy but I love them being with me.
Actual footage of us running back to s u m m e r because it was such a fun one!
This door sits in our dining room & every season I write something different.  I thought this seemed perfect!
Cooper is in third grade this year.  THIRD! What!?!  How is that even possible!?! He was so nervous yesterday morning but when I picked him up later that afternoon, he said it was awesome!
Dan had them doing all kinds of crazy pictures …
And when he said to act like they like each other, he got this!  HA!
Y'all …
This baby started KINDERGARTEN!
Oh my heart.
I only stayed up crying until 2am Monday morning & then again when I got in the car after dropping her off.
If you missed my post about her yesterday, you can read it HERE.
My sister-in-love did her sign & it turned out perfect!
Go follow her on INSTAGRAM!
And her dress is ELEANOR ROSE.
I now have two kiddos in school!
How did that happen!?
Somebody grab me a tissue … or twelve … somebody just give me a whole box!
Millie Jo was so excited to get to class & Cooper was all like "yea, you'll like it this year."
We walked Coop Coop to his class first.  He's in another building this year & I am just not sure how to feel about it!
His teacher is new to the school but seems SO sweet.
And then it was time to walk Millie Jo to her class …
She got the same teacher Cooper had in kindergarten & we couldn't be happier! LOVE her!!

Would you believe that I didn't get a picture with either one of them!?! My emotions were everywhere.  Millie Jo doesn't go back until Thursday because of transition days but I plan to get one with them both then!
First day of school success + happy kiddos!

Praying for an amazing school year for these two!

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  1. Such sweet photos and you survived day 1! I hope this year is great for both kiddos and you!

  2. I can't with Millie Jo's leg pop and those sweet socks with her converse - TOO CUTE! So glad that their first days went well!