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by - Thursday, August 09, 2018

Two blog posts in one week?
And one more scheduled?
Who am I?

Today I'm wrapping up the last days of our vacation with you & tomorrow will share more about Cades Cove!

If you missed any of my previous post you can find them here …

On our way to Cades Cove on Thursday, we passed a swimming hole & knew we wanted to go back & spend one of our last days there.  So on Friday morning, we did just that!
Pretty crazy about this tribe of mine!
Y'all, I can't even tell you how cold this water was.  I mean, it was FREEZING!
I've been in many creeks but never to a swimming hole.  I have ALWAYS wanted to swim in a swimming hole so regardless if it was freezing or not, I was getting in.  If only for a few minutes!  Guess who the first one in was???  Yep … ME!! And I don't plan on letting Dan live that one down!

If you know Cooper, then you know that he couldn't care less about a swimming pool but give him the ocean or a creek/swimming hole & he's good to go!
I didn't even let Itty Bitty put her feet in … THAT'S how cold it was!
If I had to pick my favorite day of vacation, it would be this one!

Later that afternoon, we went back to the cabin to get ready for dinner & to go to a few shops.
For dinner we tried a restaurant called Applewood Farmhouse …
And it did not disappoint!

Have I ever mentioned how much my girl loves sweet tea with lemon!?! 😉
You can find my maxi dress or one like mine HERE!
Pssst … it has pockets!
After dinner we headed to a Christmas store because #weloveChristmasyearround.
 Ok, so maybe Ellie Joy doesn't know it yet, but she will! HA!

On our last morning, we went to eat brunch at The Old Mill.  It's only the best restaurant in Pigeon Forge so if you are ever there, it's a must!

Actual footage of me running to it …
Because y'all, it's that good! 😂
Entertaining ourselves while we wait for our table.
Ney Ney's girl!

Another sister set from ORANGE POPPY BOUTIQUE
After brunch, we spent part of the early afternoon in Gatlinburg, went to a few shops, then headed back to the cabin to grill steaks & to start packing up to head home.

And that was it!
It was such a nice vacation & something totally different from our usual beach trip!

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  1. Beautiful family! I'm curious where your turquoise dress is from - ? :)