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by - Thursday, August 02, 2018

Hey Hey Friends!
Last Sunday, we headed to Tennessee for our family vacation.  This was totally new for us because we usually go to the beach every summer but this year, we decided to rent a cabin in the mountains!

Just so you know, when you have three kiddos ... one being 5 months old ... you literally have to take your whole house on vacay! 😉
And sometimes when you are in the car for a few hours, you just need the reassurance that mama is still in the car with you.

We finally got there about four o'clock that afternoon.  We checked in, went to see our cabin & unpacked then went out to dinner!

Waiting for dinner ...

 After dinner we grabbed some groceries, went back to the cabin & called it a night!
 Monday morning with a view!

There was a chance of rain every single day but we went to the pool the first day & those overcast skies above the mountains were beautiful.
We swam …
Lunched by the pool …
And swam some more!
 This girl would have stayed at the pool all day, every day if we would have let her!
After spending the day at the pool, we went back to the cabin to shower & then headed to get BBQ for dinner.
We had to split tables & SOMEHOW I got put at a table with these three while Dan & his dad sat alone. Hmmmm … 😉
Millie Jo was a huge fan of their chocolate pudding!

After dinner, we brought in the evening at a place called The Island.  They have different stores, restaurants & rides!
If there's somewhere to jump on a trampoline, Millie Jo will find it.  She has been trying to do a back flip on one of these for a while now & she finally got it!
And then these two decided to ride this ride.  One loved it, the other hated it!

On Tuesday morning we woke up & headed to Gatlinburg.

Life with a little sister!

We shopped …

Some of us napped ...
 We played putt-putt …

And we found a big candy store!
We got back to the cabin & hopped in the hot tub for a little bit ...
 And waited on this sweet girl, her mama & daddy to get there!

SO much fun!
Come back tomorrow to see what else we were up to the rest of the week.

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  1. Love those mountains!! We have been vacationing (at least one week a year) there for 24 years! Our girls (now 29 & 24) always chose the mountains over Disney World or anywhere else, every single summer. It's also very fun to go at Christmas time. Our anniversary is Nov 16 and we've to celebrated there a few years. At that time it is already decorated for Christmas and they have Christmas shows, but the Fall and Christmas crowd isn't there yet. Absolutely wonderful!

  2. Sounds like a super fun vacation! What a beautiful place! We never got over there when my parents lived in TN!