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by - Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Happy Wednesday!

This past Friday, was the WALK FOR LIFE event that we attend every year.  We walk for the unborn babies & to remember the ones who had their life taken by abortion.  It's so near & dear to my heart!
 God showed up, as He always does, & after a rain storm this big, full rainbow appeared in the sky!
 What our attempt of a family picture really looks like.
 My mama is actually the coordinator for the walk & always does such an amazing job!
Such a blessing, this event.

Saturday morning we were up bright & early & headed to the soccer field …
These two had their first games.
This is Millie Jo's first year playing & she LOVES it!!
 And Saturday evening, our town had a band playing so we went to that.
Trust me, that black & white filter is NEEDED to hide all the sweat we had going on from dancing!  HA!

Sunday after church, this girl & I took a few pictures because two other kiddos ran right in & changed clothes before I could get them back outside. Sigh.
 And clearly, she wanted to be wherever they were.
Sweet baby!!
Tell me I'm not the only one who wears white after Labor Day!

Whoever said you aren't supposed to clearly didn't have the perfect booties, cardigan & transitional top!

I have started cooking on Sunday's just because we like to be home before a new week begins & if we go out to eat we don't get home until almost 2:30 & the day just flies by.  So I cooked & we spent the rest of the day …
Watching football.
And our boys may not have won, but this girl was all smiles in her Cowboys gear!

I hope your weekend was such a good one!!

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