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by - Thursday, September 27, 2018

I was looking through my phone last week & realized I had SO many pictures that I haven't shared.  Instead of sharing all 3,464 pictures in one post, I am going to do separate a little bit of this & that posts!

Today's is all about my favorite little man ...
Would you look at him!

This boy.
He tried out basketball for the first time this year & has now decided that he wants to play for NC State one day!
 This summer, he went to baseball camp for a week & LOVED it!
Our town has a collegiate team & they help run the camp.  On the last day, the whole team was there, they put a huge slip 'n' slide out, & Coop got all of their autographs.
 Earlier this year (I know, THIS is just how far behind on pictures I am😏), for his birthday, my sister took him out.  They had dinner & went to the city's basketball team's fan shop!
 His coach pitch team this year were season champions!
And at the end of 2nd grade, he had to a project on a book & to see his ideas turn to this just amazed me!
Take this boy to a bakery & you can bet he's going to go for the Reese Cup cupcake.

Coop started THIRD GRADE in August …
And it's going SO good!
He was a little nervous at first because third grade is a big deal now that there is actual letter grades, but he's rocking it!
 We spent A LOT of our summer at the water/amusement park.
It's all fun & games until two certain little people get their mama on the balloon ride that goes in circles TOO many times!
 At rewards day, at the end of 2nd grade, Cooper got the citizenship award.
The award is for a student who is honest, loyal, well mannered & a good friend.
I am so proud of him & pray he always keeps his sweet heart!
 There is no bigger Zaxby's fan than Coop!
Give him ALL the boneless honey BBQ wings.
This summer, we had a yard sale & he set up his own table & sign to sell lemonade.
And psssst … sometimes he isn't too big to hug on his mama!
Legos are his FAVORITE thing right now.
 And he started soccer earlier this month.  Dan is coaching & got to pick the team colors & name .. bet you would have never guessed their called Wolfpack. 😉

That's a little bit whole lot of what's been going on with Coop Coop!

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