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by - Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Happy Tuesday & Hello October!

It's been seven months since I laid eyes on this beautiful girl!  SEVEN months, y'all!

Today I'm sharing her six month update & it was a BIG one!!
These pictures are getting harder & harder to take! 😉
 She makes the sweetest little faces!
 She's already into EVERYTHING!  At the beginning of six months, she started rolling all across the living room …
And by the end of the month, she started "army" crawling!
Cousins make the best friends.
We hit a MAJOR sleep regression this month & it is STILL going on!
 Speaking of sleep … she naps great DURING the day! HA!
 And she now sits without support!


At her six months check up, she weighed 15lbs!  Still itty bitty!

She is still nursing so great!

I've been making her baby food & girlfriend loves it.

She had her first cold a few weeks ago … the croup.  She was pitiful!

Her laugh is so sweet my heart could burst.

She's so silly!

And she has cut her two bottom teeth!  Eeeek!

Ellie Joy brings so much sweetness to our family.  
She is Cooper's girl & Millie Jo thinks she's her own personal baby doll.  Both are crazy about her!

You can read her other monthly updates here …

I also shared a little life update on COOPERMILLIE JO last week if you missed those!

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  1. She is such a sweetheart. She is so squishable, kissable and cute!

    1. Thank you! I could kiss her face off!! Sweet as pie!!