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by - Tuesday, October 30, 2018

If you've been reading my blog for a while or following me on INSTAGRAM, then you know that back in 2016, my hubby & I had a LATE MISCARRIAGE.  We lost our little girl, Ruthie Belle at 15 weeks pregnant.

Her due date was October 29, 2016.

That year, we decided to make October 29th every year Ruthie Belle Day.  It's a day that we celebrate her precious life.  Cooper & Millie Jo woke up so excited yesterday morning!  It's such a special day for our family. 
We got balloons to send to heaven, a piece of cake, a candle & headed to the park.
And we sang Happy Birthday per Millie Jo's request.
Millie Jo attached a picture she colored to her balloon.
I never dreamed of going through such heartache.  
I am so thankful to have this man by my side!
She is why.
God knew as I laid on that ultrasound table in May 2016, seeing my lifeless baby on the screen, that He would bless us with sweet Ellie Joy.
There will be times in our lives when things happen & we don't understand why.  But the Lord says if we keep our faith & trust in Him, joy WILL come in the morning, friends!
This day means so much to me.
My heart is healing every day.  
I feel it.
I may not have ever held Ruthie Belle in my arms here on earth, but she will always hold a place in my heart!

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