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by - Wednesday, November 14, 2018

My itty bitty girl is now E I G H T months old [nine on the 24th of this month] & today I'm sharing all about month S E V E N!
Friends, I am in major denial that in just four short months, my baby will be ONE!!
My heart.
Seven months was so much fun & it just keeps getting even more fun.
Y'all, the girl is into everything!
Month seven, she went from army crawling to crawling on her hands & knees …
And wasted NO time at all learning how to pull up!
She continues to be a dream at nursing!
And often does "yoga" while feeding. HA!
Just like Cooper & Millie Jo, Ellie Joy has the silliest personality.
She's so silly & knows it already!
She LOVES bath time & water period.
I'm obsessed with her big blue eyes & her long lashes!
Goodness gracious!
I was really hoping that six month sleep regression would pass … but here we are almost nine months old & she STILL won't sleep at night.  Sigh.
Seven months was a sweet one, that's for sure!

She loves …
Peas & macaroni
Playing Peek-a-boo
Laughing at Cooper & Millie Jo

Says …
Bye Bye 
Da Da [over .. & over .. & over 😉]

And she can sign "more"

She doesn't love  …
Mama being out of her sight
Sleeping at night

You can read all of Ellie Joy's monthly updates here …

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  1. She is so sweet, I can't believe she is 7 months. What a sweet blessing she is!