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by - Friday, November 30, 2018

Happy Happy Friday!!

Girls, it has been a hard past few nights.  If you've been following along with MY BABY GIRL'S MONTHLY UPDATES, then you know she is not a great sleeper.  Let me rephrase that, she is not a great "night" sleeper.  Girlfriend loves her naps.  Ellie Joy has been by far my best breastfeeding much so that she's wanting to stay latched all .. night .. long.  On Wednesday morning, she had her nine month check up & her doctor reassured me that there is no reason for her to be waking up every three hours to eat at nine months old.  So she gave me tips on crying it out.

Well, I'm just here to tell y'all that this whole "crying it out" thing is for the stinkin' birds!  It just breaks my mama heart.  

Cooper & Millie Jo were always wonderful sleepers so this is all new to me.

Wednesday night was TERRIBLE!
I nursed her at 7:30pm, laid her down sleepy & at 11:15pm she was up crying.  It went on until 12:20am.  So hard.  So SO hard.  During that hour, I checked on her 3 times but never picked her up out of her crib. Once she finally went back to sleep, she never woke back up until 6:30am which was great!

Last night, she was down around 8:00pm & woke up at 10:15pm but only cried 15 minutes.  WAY better than an hour but still hard.

I can't handle it.  I literally just want to go in her room, scoop her up & nurse her back to sleep.
The struggle is real y'all.

Here's to hoping by this weekend, she sleeps ALL night long!

Okay, now back to today's regularly scheduled program … or post. 😉 

You girls asked & I listened!

Today I'm linking up with ANDREA, ERIKA & NARCI for Friday Favorites.  And I am sharing all about the MOST asked question I get …


I get this question at least once a week so today I'm sharing all the details with you!

First up …

Some of you may be thinking "Lord have mercy, she has to buy for two & MJ isn't cheap!"  It COULD be very expensive IF I bought the new releases every month, but I don't.  If you notice, I never buy the new releases.  We are always a couple seasons behind but it doesn't make it any less cuter!  HA!  I am more of a Good Luck Trunk kinda girl.  That's the big sale Matilda Jane does every so often & the prices are amazing!  So if you love Matilda Jane & are like me & don't want to spend that kind of money on clothes, look out for their sale!

Speaking of Matilda Jane ...

Another place I buy it is ZULILY.  They have it on there sometimes & it gets gone QUICK!  But the prices are amazing!

We love Belk & they ALWAYS have such good sales!
HER DUCK BOOTS are actually from last year but they have them again this year, too!  And they are on sale. Yes, more than I typically pay for shoes however, I bought them last year but bought up one size & just doubled her socks & this year they fit perfect!

Both Old Navy & Gap are my go-to.
They literally have some of the cutest things!  Their boots & denim jackets are our favorite!

I recently discovered this online boutique via Facebook.
And these outfits were perfect for Thanksgiving!
Y'all know how I feel about sister sets!

Another one I discovered this summer!
Their prices are amazing!

I recently shared all about this boutique.  
Their headwraps & clothing are just so cute!

Our Dillard's changed to a clearance outlet a few months ago & it's SO good!
The prices are unbelievable, too! And their accessories!! Eeeek!

Millie Jo & Ellie Jo's Christmas dresses for this year came from Eleanor Rose & they will be wearing them when we go see the Big Guy, too! 
ER is a little bit on the pricey side which is probably why I don't buy it often anymore because hello two girls! But they are somewhere you can find the exact matching sister sets.

Give us all the ruffles!
Sew Sassy never, ever disappoints!

And speaking of ruffles, if I don't get their icings [ruffle leggings] & tops from Sew Sassy, I get them from ISLAND GIRL FASHION WORLD.

Amazon has such good finds.  Like this romper & child's blanket scarf!

I first found this online boutique for myself & then realized that they also have girl's clothes.  WHAT!?!

We love their graphic Reglan tees!

Let's just all take a minute & talk about how precious these little icings are.
Oh my heart!
Okay, I am a part of so many facebook resale groups!

A few of my favorites are …

UPSCALE RESALE $20 & UNDER - Both of these have Matilda Jane, Mudpie, Jelly the Pug, Gigglemoon, etc.  More of the boutique things but for super cheap!

If you don't already have this app, then you need to get it!

And last but not least …

Whether it's ONCE UPON A CHILD , KID TO KID or a local consignment sale [Charlotte has great ones], it is hands down my most favorite way to shop for my girls!
I LOVE me a good consignment store & sale!
You just never know what you'll find & you have to be willing to take your time & really look through it ALL!
It is safe to say that I find most of their stuff [clothes & shoes] at these two places.

The bows they wear are typically from a store at our local mall.  I mean, where else can you go & get a bow for $1!?!

It is no secret at all that I am a bargain shopper.  Before I do anything else at a store or online, I go straight to the clearance section!

A tip I have, I always get at least a year maybe more out of Millie Jo & Ellie Joy's clothes.  If the outfit is pants & top one season, then the next year I will let them wear it as capris & top!  It doesn't matter if ruffle pants are too short!  A dress can easily turn into a tunic.  Just add leggings!  If it's a top that's not in season, I layer it!

Okay, I think I covered it all!
If I forgot something or you ever see an outfit that my girl's .. I'd say Cooper too but he literally wears only Under Armour 99% of the time .. have on, just ask me! I would love to tell you!

I hope y'all have a wonderful first weekend of December!
We are getting Christmas started over here & I can't wait for all the fun things!

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  1. You always find the cutest clothes for your girls. They're so well dressed.