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by - Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Happy Wednesday!

The excitement is real over here as today is the last day of school before Christmas break!

Today I am sharing Ellie Joy's E I G H T H month update with you.
I can't believe she is already nine months & will be ten months on Monday!  That's only two months away from one.  AHHH!!

Y'all, this baby is sweet as pie!
She found the stairs & it's a daily struggle to keep her away from them! 😉
Her daddy better be glad I love him.
And after I took this picture, I changed her! HA!
This girl is attached to her mama!
Seriously … she is a mama's girl & I love it!
Many nights cooking dinner looks like this.
Itty Bitty girl!

She is so quick at crawling & is cruising around EVERYTHING.  Almost ten months into this & nursing is still going wonderfully!  She is on table food & LOVES it!  She loves drinking water.  And she loves being outside!

She still has not said "Ma Ma" … I'm not sure what she's waiting on. 😉

And she still wasn't sleeping through the night at eight months!

If you want to read all of her monthly updates, you can find them here …

Okay, I'm off to help with two class Christmas parties this afternoon & then it's HELLO CHRISTMAS BREAK!

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  1. She is just so cute and I can't believe she is growing up SO fast!

    1. TOO fast!! How will she be ONE next month!?! Oh my heart!