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by - Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Hey Hey Tuesday!

Cooper & Millie Jo went back to school yesterday & we are just over here wishing it was still spring break!  The countdown is now on til S U M M E R!! Eeeeek!

But first, we have to get through these dern EOG's … ah, third grade may be the death of me!!

Today, I'm sharing our Easter with you.  And I mean to tell you, it was a sweet one!
Cooper & Millie Jo made their very own Easter cakes with Mimi & even left the Easter Bunny a piece out with these cute little notes.
And the next morning, these three found some goodies.
Yep, that's my girl rocking her Christmas jammies in April.
Hey, we wear them until we outgrow them!
I MEAN!!!!
I told you, just pure sweetness.
I grabbed THESE DRESSES for my girls to wear as their Easter dresses at a steal for $15!
We enjoyed a beautiful service at church & then headed to Mimi & Paw-Paw's house for lunch …
And can we just talk about how cute these cousins are!?!
Ain't nobody stealing Ellie Joy or Eva's HAPPY! HA!
Mimi Life.
After lunch & yummy dessert, we had an Easter egg hunt for all the kiddos!

By the way, boy mamas .. do you ever shop TJ MAXX for Under Armour!?!  I The Easter Bunny found that shirt for Coop for $7!

After we left my in-loves, we went to Grammy & Pop's for more dessert.
And we love us some cousins!!
That Grammy is just so funny!
Love these babes of mine so much!
And them, too.
We hunted more eggs …
Took more pictures …
Well attempted to anyway.
Grammy is just living her best life with these kiddos!
And after that fun & eventful day, we headed home!

Our spring break was filled with lots of fun stuff & I'll be sharing it all, soon!

Have the best Tuesday, friends!

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  1. Everyone looks great all dressed up for Easter. I love your black dress.