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by - Wednesday, April 03, 2019

On March 24th, Cooper turned nine.  NINE!! We are one year away from double digits & I'm just over here wondering how the heck that happened!?!

This blog post is all about my boy today because y'all, he is just the dang coolest!

From day one, seriously, since he was minutes old, Coop has been the most laid back child ever.  There were days I googled if it was normal for a baby to go days without crying.  I mean, he was THAT chill!  And still is.

If you ever need to know anything about sports, he is your guy.  He can tell you anything & everything! 
College basketball/baseball/football, NFL & NBA is his jam!

And wrestling.  Law have mercy, he loves it.

The boy is HILARIOUS!!  
He keeps us laughing all the time.

He still thrives off quality time & we try to squeeze it in as often as we can.

He is a math rockstar!

He took this season off from baseball & is playing golf instead.  He still loves it so much!

Give him all the Under Armour.  The boy is obsessed!

He is a wonderful big brother.  Like, THE best!
Millie Jo & Ellie Joy, both, love him so much!  And even though he talks about how much Millie Jo aggravates him, he loves them both so much, too & will protect them from anyone!

He is so much fun to hang out with & carries on a conversation like he's a tiny adult.

He loves Jesus & loves going to church!

Gosh, he just has the sweetest little heart & is always thinking about others.

He is my most favorite little guy ever!
His shirt says it all!

On his actual birthday this year, we had a small cookout with family & I'll share what we did instead of a party in another post!
A few months ago, he discovered that he loves the Harry Potter movies & started reading the first book.  He is hooked!  So, my mother-in-love surprised him with a Harry Potter birthday cake.  It turned out great & was delicious!
The boy who made me a mama.

Happy 9th Birthday, my sweet Coop Coop!!

I am so thankful God blessed me with you!

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  1. Happy belated birthday to your boy. That's an awesome cake!