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Friday Favorites :: A Little Bit of This & That :: March

by - Friday, April 07, 2017

Happy Friday!

Y'all, I may or may not be up at 11pm writing this post & watching the live feed of April the giraffe.  I mean, is she ever going to have that baby!?!  And I thought being in labor for 12+ hours/giving birth to an almost 9 pound baby was rough ... oh my heart!  I literally can't stop watching her.  Tell me I'm not the only one.  My mom & I have already made sure each other know that if she goes into labor, to make sure the other knows.  Haha!

Today I am linking up with Andrea, Narci & Erika for Friday Favorites!  And today I am sharing a few bunch of my favorite moments from the month of March with yo.

The first of every month I do a recap of the previous month.  I was doing so good about taking a daily picture and posting it on Instagram until March rolled around and the sickness hit.  First Millie Jo, then me, then Cooper & Millie Jo ... I mean, it was non stop for a good three weeks.  And this week I am dealing with awful headaches.  Sigh.  But, I do have tons of pictures to share with you so grab your favorite blanket, a cup of coffee & enjoy ... you may be here a while ;).

If you missed January's recap you can see it here & February's here.
I started the month of March off having lunch with my favorite dude.
I'm thinking I picked up a few germs there because that same weekend is when things got crazy, y'all.
My mom went out of town on a lady's retreat with her church so we spent one evening having dinner with Poppy Pop & shopping :).
 In case I haven't mentioned it enough ... March was this boy's birthday month & we had so much fun celebrating him the entire month!
We had been outside playing when he came and sat down on my lap.  I am so glad Dan got this picture!  I am soaking up every second of that boy's lovin'.
 At the beginning of March, I did one of my most favorite posts ... Three Things Right Now.
Date nights with this guy.
And day dates with a plus one.
Something big happened!
  Millie Jo got her very first hair cut.  Eeeek!
Beautiful girl!
On the 9th, I put my fear aside & shared my testimony.  And just like everything else in my life, I could have never, ever gotten through that without God.
Snow cones with Grammy & Poppy Pop ... & it was so cold!
I felt horrible when I found out these two got strep from me. 
We are all well now though & we hope it stays that way!
Cooper started his second round of golf lessons a couple weeks ago.  I feel like he has grown so much just in 6 months!
And Millie Jo loves to sit and watch him.
On the 24th, Coop turned seven!
And we celebrated ALL weekend long! :)
If you've been reading my blog for anytime at all, then you know that when Cooper was 3 years old we started a tradition that at each birthday party [or any party we have with balloons] the kiddos send their balloons to Heaven so our loved ones who we have lost can celebrate with us.  This year, not only were they sending their balloons to their great-grandparents and cousin but to their baby sister, Ruthie Belle.
Not only did Coop start golf & have a birthday, he also started baseball.
[Insert me running around like a crazy woman here ;)]
Golf, dance, baseball, repeat.
Watching our favorite baseball player.
Legos for dayyyyys.
Seriously though, Legos stayed on my coffee table like this for days. HA!
Front porch dates.
And we ended our month with two teeth less than we had going into it ;).

That was our month of March.
Despite all the sickness, it was still such a good one.  How can a birthday month be bad though, right!?!

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Have an amazing weekend!


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