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Cooper's Birthday Party

by - Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hey Hey Tuesday!

Yesterday I shared Cooper's birthday weekend with you but left off Saturday's fun because #pictureoverload.  And this day deserved a post of it's own :).

This year we let Coop decide if he wanted to have a party like always or if he wanted to skip the party and just take a couple buddies to do something fun.  I was honestly surprised when he decided to not have a party, but he was the birthday boy & it was his choice.

Saturday morning we went and picked up his best buddy from school, Brady & his buddy Dax(cousins make the best buddies).
Ready for some birthday fun!!

When we asked Coop, after he decided on no party, how he wanted to spend his day he said Putt-Putt, lunch at Chick-fil-A & to go walk around Dick's Sporting Goods to look at baseball stuff.  My heart, this child is easy peasy!

So that's just what we did! :)
We started our morning off with putt-putt & after we finished playing, we went inside and played in the arcade.  These kiddos LOVED it!
Love my boy.
Oh you know, just the parents to a SEVEN year old!?!
Once we finished playing, it was time for lunch  ... & then time to play some more!
We finished up our day checking out ALL things baseball.
These boys (and Millie Jo) had such a fun day together!  Millie Jo was eating up all the attention they were giving her.

This was our very first year of Coop not having an actual birthday party ... at first I wasn't sure I'd like it, y'all know how I love my parties, but it worked our perfectly!  And seeing Coop laugh all morning long with his buddies just made it even better.


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