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Three down . . .

by - Thursday, March 23, 2017

We're just over here like . . .
Except with strep throat .... ahhhh.

We get it Oprah ... WE GET IT!

Yesterday, I had to go get Cooper from school early due to him not feeling well.  Since he & Millie Jo both have been running low grade fevers off & on since last weekend, I went ahead & made them both doctor appointments for yesterday afternoon.

Y'all ... Coop has a sinus infection AND strep throat & Millie Jo has a sinus infection, a ear infection AND strep throat.  Whhhhhhat!?!  Goodness gracious we are ready for Spring temps to stick around so we can all start feeling better.

So today I am playing doctor & taking care of my sweet kiddos.  Coop's birthday is tomorrow so please pray that they both feel better fast!


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