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Weekend Wrap Up . . .

by - Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Happy Tuesday & happy first day of spring ... yesterday :)

Our weekend was super laid back which is just what we I needed after being so sick the past two weeks. 
My sweet dates on Friday night.
On Friday night, we met Dan for dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant.
There is never a dull moment with these two!

Notice Millie Jo's shoes I shared with you on Friday ... she has worn them every single day.
On Saturday morning we headed to one of Millie Jo's dance friend's 5th birthday party.
My kiddos had a blast.  I had to drag them out of there!

After the party we met up with Dan for an early dinner ... Mexican for the win ... before he went & hung out with his brother at his "man shower." <-- That's totally a thing.  They all bring a pack of diapers, eat & play cards.  My sister-in-love is due any day now!
Our favorite bakery is right around the corner from our favorite Mexican restaurant & since it's a certain blue eyed boy's birthday week, we walked to it & got a cupcake!

Y'all know birthdays are a big deal around here ;).

Since Dan was out Saturday night, these two requested a fort, snacks & movies.  So we did just that.
We rented the BFG & Trolls [my first time seeing it] ... they were both SO good!

Dan got home right before we started Trolls so he watched that one with us ... & by us I mean me because half way through our kiddos fell asleep.

Saturday night Coop started not feeling well & was up all night coughing so we stayed home from church on Sunday & rested all day.  He's still not feeling 100% but hasn't ran a fever so we are hoping it will run its course & fast!

I hope y'all have a wonderful Tuesday!

I am headed to the zoo for Cooper's first grade field trip.  Eeeek!


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