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3 Things Right Now

by - Friday, March 03, 2017

Happy Friday, y'all!

It has been a while since I've done a Three Things Right Now post so I thought I would do one today.

Gosh, these are some of my most favorite posts!
1.  Cooper is getting ready to start two sports.  Baseball & golf.  Life is about to get a whole lot busier ;). Hello #golfmom #baseballmom & #dancemom
2.  Cooper has his own style.  He loves picking out his own clothes.  Every night he asks me what the weather will be for the next day so he knows what he can wear.
3.  Cooper loves first grade.  Even after he had some trouble getting the whole "reading thing" down, he still loves it.  He has improved so much & I couldn't be more proud of him! 
1.  Millie Jo loves soccer.  And is really good at it ... but she does NOT want to be signed up for it and play.  If you ask her, she says "no, I just want to dance and do 'bymnastics' [gymnastics]" ;).
2.  Millie Jo is messy.  So messy.  I don't mean like pulls a few things out and doesn't clean it up ... I'm talking pulls EVERYTHING out ... all at one time ... and doesn't clean it up.  Her room stays a disaster & those who know me, know that I am a neat freak.  #cuethelaughs .. walking into her room almost gives me an anxiety attack. Hahaha! I've tried the whole "clean your room before bed" ... She doesn't mind cleaning it so the next day she pulls everything out again.  I bet I threaten every week to put a lock on her closet & dressers drawers.  HA! I'm kidding ... or am I!?! 
3.  Millie Jo always says "give me all that lovin..."  Every single day, 17 times a day, she comes up to me & wants me to pick her up so she can hug me.  She squeezes so tight and says "give me all that lovin' " or she will come up to me and say "you haven't gave me any lovin' today" ... most of the time we just got finished hugging 5 minutes before that ;).
1.  I am preparing my testimony.  I was asked months ago to share my testimony this month & I am so excited but nervous to do so.
2.  We have been cleaning out all the things.  Dan has been working on the garage & I've been working on the inside of the house.  How do we accumulate SO much stuff!?! I have loved getting a head start on spring cleaning though!

And there you have it ... things about us!
If you've missed any of my previous 'three things' posts, you can find them here.

Y'all have a great weekend!


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