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When the Enemy Attacks

by - Friday, March 31, 2017

 Do you ever feel like you are under attack?  I've always heard that if Satan isn't after you, it's because you're walking the same path as he is.  

I believe that. 
 When our eyes are focused on God, that's when the enemy comes after us the most. In fact, I bet he is rolling his eyes at the fact I'm even writing this post right now. 

#sorrynotsorrysatan ;)
 Last July, I shared with you that I gave my testimony of Ruthie Belle at a small luncheon at a Crisis Pregnancy center. We're talking 20-25 people, no big deal ... just kidding, I was terrified but I made it through it :). 

After the luncheon was over, a lady that works there came up to me & asked if I would be willing to share my story at their banquet in March .... in front of 200+ people. I told her of course. I mean, I had eight months to prepare, right?!? 

The week of March 9th came FAST and I mean to tell you, Satan did NOT want me up there at all. The week before, he started by telling lies, like he always does. Things like "you can't get in front of all those people" and "your story isn't anything great, God won't use that" he was trying his hardest to discourage me. I was telling him to flee from me every single day. And then Sunday came ... 4 days before I was speaking & here I was getting diagnosed with strep throat and the flu. What in the world was I going to do?!? I had to stand up in front of what I thought was only 200-250 people, there ended up being 600+ people there [God is SO good] and share my testimony.  I couldn't walk five feet without coughing so much. That Sunday night I began praying that God would just give me 10 minutes on Thursday evening where I wouldn't cough so I could share my story. My mom texted me daily letting me know that she had people praying for me and believe me when I say, I felt every single one of those prayers. 
So thankful for him.
The night of the banquet I had started feeling better, but I still was not feeling well. Daniel & I had already decided that if I couldn't make it through it, he was going to have to be the one who read it. As I was being introduced, I just kept thinking "don't cough, don't cough" I shared my testimony ... and only coughed one time ... ONE time. I wasn't even short of breath from walking up on stage like I had been all week. It was God. He gets all the glory. I may should have been a little more specific when I prayed for just 10 minutes of feeling well because I was diagnosed with pneumonia the very next morning, BUT I am so thankful God gave me those 10 minutes that I had asked for. 

So what can we do when the enemy is under attack?!? I know for me I ...

Pray - I pray that God gives me the strength to stay in His will & resist the devil.

Quote scripture - YES! Satan can't stand when we quote scripture.

Tell him to flee - the enemy HAS to flee at the name of Jesus.

Are there different things you do when you're under attack?!? I would love to hear, if so!

And if you would like to read my testimony, you can find it here.  There is also a short video at the end that also goes along with it.

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  1. What a great post! I did the 'Armor of God' study by Priscilla Shirer and some of what you said is close to what she mentioned. Satan puts all sorts of lies and ideas in our head but God will come through. Prayer is a powerful weapon. I'm glad you were able to present your testimony.

  2. Suzanne pointed me to your blog after my latest post and I'm so glad she did! I'm sorry for your loss but I know that God has been using your circumstance to glorify his name in Mighty ways as he has humbled me by doing the same. Our situations may be different but there is a purpose in all that we have experienced! And when I was in the midst of struggling to prepare for my speaking engagement last night I had to be very intentional about shifting my focus to the Lord and his word and pushed past how I physically felt. He showed up and it was incredible! What a mighty God we serve!

    1. I am so glad you commented. God is so good & deserves all the glory, honor & praise! Continue to keep your eyes to Him, girl! ❤ He will use you in mighty ways!