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Weekend Wrap Up

by - Monday, April 10, 2017

Happy Monday!
We see you, spring break!  And we are beyond ready for you :).

We started our weekend off at the baseball field . . .
Goodness gracious, this North Carolina weather can't make up it's mind.  One day its 40degrees & the next it's 70.
On Saturday morning, Dan & Cooper were back at the ball field for an early morning practice.
Millie Jo & I stayed home and cleaned up a little bit since our families were coming over on Sunday.
Once the boys got home and ate lunch, they all headed outside to play and do some yard work.  Digging in the dirt and finding bugs makes for a good day ... at least they thought so!

Saturday evening, after we all showered because ... #ew ... we went grocery shopping.  Our wild & crazy Saturday night ;).
Sunday morning.

After church, our parents & siblings all came over for lunch & we celebrated Easter a week early.

The weather was perfect so we spent a majority of our time outside . . .
Love him so!
Millie Jo & JuJu.
Sweet Eva Grace!
And don't mind us, we're just big ol' baby hogs ;).
It has taken Cooper a long time to warm up to Jack ... I mean, we aren't a dog family, but by the end of the day, him & Jack were buddies!  And it was the cutest thing.
Sister, sister.
After everyone left, we headed back outside for dinner on the patio & a little more baseball practice.

We ended our weekend watching Moana & getting attacked by a certain dad [I won't name any names ...] who came after all three of us with a nerf gun ... right before bedtime ... because why not get the kiddos all crazy right before then?!?  HA!

So there's that :).

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend too!


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  1. Sounds like it was a great weekend! Gotta love the ones with extra family time!