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Spring Break 2017 [Easter at the beach]

by - Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hey Hey!

I am finally getting around to sharing ALL of our pictures from spring break.  And when I say ALL ... I mean, I have LOTS to share.  I was going to do it all in one post but I'm serious, there's lots of pictures.  So I am breaking it up for you ... & even doing that, there are still lots in each post :).

My parents bought a camper last year and I think it's safe to say that we all love it!  I was never so sure about the camping life, but I could totally rock it.

The day before spring break started, I got Cooper out of school early and we headed to the beach with my parents for Easter weekend.  And since Dan couldn't get off work, he came down later.

I got to sit between these two :).

We got there a little after 5:00 that evening and while Grammy & Pop set up the camper ... the three of us walked down to the ocean!

That water was freezing all weekend.  I have no idea how they were playing in it!

Once the camper was ready, we loaded back up and headed to Walmart to get groceries for the weekend & when we got back we had dinner and called it a night.

The next morning we headed straight down to the ocean . . .
Love my mama!
Pop & Grammy made Millie Jo into a mermaid ;).
Our campsite was right up from the beach ... so close we could sit outside at night and listen to the waves.  It was amazing!  And what else was amazing was not having to pack a heavy cooler and carry it down to the ocean because we were so close.  We walked right up to the camper for lunch and rest time.

All weekend long the campground had Easter activities going on so after lunch we walked up to the pool and the kiddos did an Easter craft.

Later that evening, after dinner, we went for a bike ride.  I walked, they rode.  We went and checked out the park and talked Poppy Pop into some ice cream ;).
My favorite little people.
Pop ...

We ended our evening sitting outside until a certain little girl fell asleep on my lap.

The next morning look who showed up . . .
We were so excited that Dan was finally there!
We played on the beach until it was time to walk to the park for the Easter Egg hunt.
Love my guys.
Waiting to hunt eggs.
This may just be my most favorite picture I took that weekend!
All that running around looking for Easter eggs sure will wear a girl out ;).

Later that evening we headed to dinner and tried out a new BBQ place.
SO good!
A little photoshoot while we waited on Dan & Pop to find a parking spot :).
I'd love to say that we got this picture on the first snap .... but who am I kidding?!?
Most All of the ones before that one looked pretty much like this ... ;)

After dinner we shopped a little bit and then ended our night dying Easter eggs back at the campsite.

Already such a fun and busy few days!
I will share the rest tomorrow.

Happy Friday eve!


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