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Millie Jo's Birthday Girl's Night Out!

by - Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Last year when Millie Jo turned three we started a new tradition ... you know me & traditions ... that every year we would have a girl's night out & go to the American Girl Doll store & eat at the Cheesecake Factory.

This year we kept the tradition going & my girl LOVED it!

We went the weekend after her birthday so it's been a few weeks but I had to share our night with you!
Ready to go with Bitty Baby girl twin in hand :).
Little sunshine.
We ate dinner first & my girl ordered strawberry cheesecake for her birthday dessert & of course they sang to her.

She's acting shy in that picture but trust me, she's not shy . . .
Girlfriend is always the life of the party :).
After dinner we headed to the American Girl Doll store.
I LOVED following her around in the store.
"Mommy, LOOK!"  "Oh my gosh, mom.  LOOK at this."  "Mom, I've been wishing for this."
Cutest girl ever!
Thankful for these ladies Millie Jo gets to look up to.
What's a birthday celebration without a double chocolate chip frappe & a huge chocolate chip cookie!?!
My sweet Millie Jo, I love you big!
As soon as we got home she wanted to put Emerson in her new outfit she bought her :).

We had such a fun night!
I hope we keep this tradition for years & years to come.


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