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Weekend Wrap Up . . .

by - Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday, you always come way too fast.


Our weekend was such a good one.  I would be completely fine with it still being like Saturday ;).
Our Friday afternoon consisted of building a T-Rex that Coop got for Christmas.
These 3D puzzles are super cool!
This one is made by Discovery Kids & they are perfect for kids who like to build, take things apart & rebuild.
"The sun, Mom.  Seriously?" ;)
We started our Saturday off by celebrating our buddy, Asher's, birthday at the fire department.
And then I headed to the movies with this crew to see The Lego Batman Movie.
My Lego lovin' boy LOVED it!
Millie Jo liked it for about 45 minutes & then decided after getting her belly full of popcorn, a nap would be more fun.  HA!
I mean, there is no popcorn like movie theater popcorn!
These two!

After the movie we took our kiddos to Mimi & Paw-Paw's to spend the night . . .
And then this man & I had a much needed date night.
It's been such an emotional month & a half with things that have been going on.
I am so thankful for him!
The weather here has been crazy.  Beautiful, but crazy for February.
It was 80 degrees yesterday . . . that's unheard of for NC!
So on Sunday, with the kiddos still being at my in-loves, Dan & I took lunch to the park, ate & then walked the trial.
It was gorgeous!
We I am kind of obsessed with the new iPhone 7 plus portrait feature so when I asked Dan to take a picture of us he had me laughing so hard because every time he snapped it he only got half of my face in it.

After our little park date we did what any parents would do without having their kiddos . . . we went grocery shopping :).

Then we headed to pick up our kiddos . . . went home, took baths, worked on Valentine's, watched wrestling ... because #boymom & then went to bed.

Such a fun, relaxing weekend!


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