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Weekend Wrap Up

by - Monday, February 06, 2017

Hey Hey Monday!

Our weekend was a good one ... except for the headache & toothache I kept.  Sigh.
Friday night we went & cheered on our cousin at his basketball game.
Coop LOVED it!
Millie Jo however . . .

Saturday we did a whole bunch of nothing due to my toothache.  It was horrible!  Thankfully my dentist called me in some medicine & hopefully we can get it taken care of.
I can take pain until it's a toothache.  I'm such a wimp!
Sunday morning photoshoot.
Where the heck did my baby go!?!
The sass is strong with this one!
4 going on 14 . . .
It's not always smiles & sunshine over here.
 The only bowl I was excited about last night . . . ;)
I love football & typically I have a team I would like to win in the super bowl but this year I didn't mind who won.
These two!
Some of us watched the game . . .
While others dressed up & had a "meet & greet" with Grammy. Ha!
Poppy Pop.
Oh my sweet Coop Coop.
He fell asleep right before the two minute warning & said "Mama, just tell me who wins."
I made sure we recorded what he missed because it'll be the first thing he asks in the morning!

That's what our weekend looked like!
I hope yours was amazing!


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