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DIY :: Closet to Mudroom

by - Thursday, February 09, 2017

Y'all, I'm always doing something to our house . . . seriously, you should see the project I'm doing now [more on that later].  It's like a never ending thing but I love making it our own!

Dan knows by now that something will most likely be different when he comes home ;).

A couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to redo one of our closets.  I've always wanted a mud room but just wasn't sure where I would ever put one without spending money to add it on . . . UNTIL, I started looking at that little space underneath our stairs & thought it would be perfect.

I had the paint + the wood to build the shelves so why not!?! :)

Here's a before picture . . .
On the back wall was the metal white shelves.  You'll notice that I didn't take the anchors out just in case we ever needed to put them back in there.

And here it is after . . .

The shelves & coat rack, on the sides, are just spare pieces of wood we had out in the garage, I just stained them & then hung them up.  I had the hooks for the coats.  The shelves are from Target several years ago but they keep those all the time.
I even took the door off.  I couldn't believe the space it opened up!

It's a perfect place for my purse to stay, shoes to go so not everyone has to look at them, coats to hang & all the kiddo's craft stuff to stay so they can get to it easily.
I didn't realize I would love this little space so much, but I do!


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