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All Things Valentines!

by - Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hey there, Wednesday.

On Sunday night, Dan & I sat down with our kiddos and helped them with their valentines & Cooper's box to take to school with him for his party this week.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Target dollar bin!?!  Because I do! :)
Millie Jo picked these out to give to her dance friends . . .
And Cooper picked these!

One of the many things I love about Coop is that when he gets his mind set on something, he is going to make sure it gets done the way he wants it to.
I mean, check out his valentine's box that he made all by himself ... with Dan helping with the tape ;).
He told Dan exactly what he wanted it to look like & made it happen!
Love his creative little mind.
I shared my slouchy sweater on Instagram earlier this week.
It was perfect for Valentine's day!

This year I decided to do the hearts on my kiddos' bedroom doors each day . . . and I am so glad I did!
They LOVED it!!
I even did ones for my hubby!
This is definitely a tradition I will continue to do each year.
Yesterday morning our kiddos woke up to their very own little mailboxes [Target dollar bin does it again] filled with a few of their favorite things & cards.  And Dan had a big brownie in the shape of a heart waiting for him :).
This shirt couldn't be more true for my boy.
My sister-in-love made it for him & I love it so much!
I mean, the heart on his sleeve ... seriously!?!

I wanted to do something extra for Cooper's class & Millie Jo's dance class so when I found this idea on Pinterest, I knew it would be a hit! . . .
So cute, huh!?!
Cooper came home from school with this card for me & Dan.
"Dad, you work so hard.  You play with me.  I love you."
"Mom, cheeks are red.  You look lovely today.  I love you."

Oh my goodness!!
That boy!

You may be wondering "where's the pictures of Millie Jo from Valentine's Day?" ... My girl woke up yesterday morning not feeling well. I got her up and dressed so she could go to the dentist with me & right before we walked out of the door she said she didn't feel good & just wanted to stay home with her daddy and lay on the couch.  And that's what she did.  She seemed fine this afternoon so we headed to dance!  Thankfully she has been fine all evening, too!
Today she has her 4 year check up so she is wearing her outfit from yesterday today & I will be sure to take a picture ... or 10 ... BEFORE her shots.  Ahhh! :(

Her & I both may be crying by the end of today seeing as I have to have a root canal done this morning.  I think another "ahhh :(" is in order.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!
I hope your Valentine's Day was extra sweet!

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