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Millie Jo Turns 4!!

by - Tuesday, January 17, 2017

On Sunday my girl turned 4 ... 4 y'all!

I mean, shouldn't she still be this little?!? . . .
Sweet little thing.

Today I am sharing her birthday party with you & then tomorrow I will share the details of the party.  I had planned to do both in one post but you'd be sitting here all day looking at pictures :).
Millie Jo decided months ago that she wanted her 4th birthday party to be Snow White ... so that's what we went with!
The girl loves her daddy.
My sister-in-love just so happened to have these two dwarfs from years ago so we used them for decoration!
Typically at parties we do food, presents & then cake but this year Millie Jo wanted to do presents first . . .
So that's what we did :).
After presents we ate & while all the kiddos were sitting at the table, we went ahead & sang Happy Birthday.

If you know my girl, then you know that this was her most favorite part of the entire day!
 And she insisted on a piñata this year!
Girls, girls, girls.
And her sweet buddy, Jon Luke.
We started sending birthday balloons to heaven at Cooper's 3rd birthday after Dan's Ninny passed away.  We do it so they can celebrate birthdays with us.

And this year we had a new angel to send balloons to.  Our sweet Ruthie Belle.  Yesterday Millie Jo said "I bet 'Rufie' Belle got my balloons already." ;)

This party was so magical & exactly what Millie Jo wanted.
It may just be my favorite party yet of hers ... and I only say that every year! ;)


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