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Weekend Wrap Up

by - Monday, January 09, 2017

Hey Hey Monday!

We got about 6 inches of snow on Friday night/early Saturday morning & it was beautiful!

Our weekend was SNOW much fun ... see what I did there!?! :)

We maybe get one good snow storm once a year so snow is a pretty big deal around here.

So grab your coffee because I have LOTS of pictures to share with you!
On Friday morning this girl & I met Grammy for lunch & then went shopping for all things birthday party!
Eeeek! Happy Birthday Week to my sweet girl!
We shopped until she dropped :).

Friday night it started snowing about 10:30 & didn't stop until Saturday around 1:00pm.
This was our view Saturday morning from our bed.
But you know with kiddos it was only a view for a whole 5 minutes until they were begging to go outside.
A snow day with my favorite people ... I'll take it!
These two LOVED sledding!
And one thing I learned about this girl ...
As much as she loved the snow & sledding, she only liked being outside for a total of 10 minutes at a time.

Surely I'm not the only mama who gets exhausted from putting on & taking off your kiddos' snow clothes 1,443 times a snow day!?!  Goodness gracious, I have to put my stuff on after theirs because I break a sweat!
I had to make this boy come in & warm up!
He has had a ball sledding, throwing football, snowballs & playing with his neighbor buddies.
Millie Jo was perfectly fine right here. LOL
And if she wasn't sleeping she wanted to play on Snap Chat ;).
Dan had to go in work for a few hours & I found Coop like this waiting on him.

Saturday evening we enjoyed vegetable soup while curled up watching football.

I'd say it was a pretty great day!

Icy roads call for church in your own living room live streaming.
And afterwards we headed straight outside ... some for an hour or so ... others for 10-15 minutes ;).
I can assure you that this did NOT turn out well.
Love these two so much!
And their daddy.
Sunday evening Grammy & Pop came over for dinner & to sled!

Oh, Poppy Pop!
And after going in, warming up & eating dinner, we went back out to sled.

Such a fun weekend but I'm exhausted.
School was canceled today so hello snow day #3!

I hope y'all had an amazing weekend!


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