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Millie Jo's Birth Story

by - Tuesday, January 03, 2017

In honor of my sweet Millie Jo turning 4 this month, I am sharing her birth story.

Oh my heart, it feels like yesterday since this girl came into the world and now she's getting ready to be 4 ... 4!!

Before I go into her birth story I want to share a little bit with you about trying to get pregnant with Millie Jo.  Dan & I wanted our babies close so after we had Cooper we were ok if we got pregnant again right away. Two years went by & we still weren't pregnant again so we went to my doctor & they started me on Clomid [a medicine to help you ovulate] in March of 2012.  I took it, went in for an ultrasound/blood work & got a call later on saying that the Clomid didn't work ... I didn't ovulate ... that we could try again the next month.  In my mind I was thinking "What in the world!?!  I got pregnant with Cooper SO fast.  What is wrong with me?"  The next month [April 2012] my cycle never came so late one night I took a pregnancy test ... followed by 8 more once the first showed up positive.  POSTIVE!  How!?!  I mean, I knew how ;) but how when I didn't ovulate.  I didn't know nor did the doctors.  My only explanation was & still is God.  His timing is perfect.  The medicine might not have worked but God sure did.

. . .

I should've known that Millie Jo's birth would be dramatic long before I was actually at the hospital having her.  I threw up all day every day with her for 23 weeks straight.  Drama queen even in the womb ;). 

Millie Jo's due date was January 12, 2013 & I thought for sure since Cooper came at 38 weeks, I would have her before the 12th ... WRONG!  January 12th came & still no baby.  I went to the doctor for my 40 week check up ... yes, 40 weeks ...  on January 11th & my doctor scheduled an induction for the morning of January 16th.  I mean to tell you that the week of her due date I tried dancing, walking & squatting her out but girlfriend was LOVING it in there.

The night of January 14th, Cooper had fallen asleep in our bed ... I had no business being 40 weeks pregnant & picking a 35lb child up & taking him to his bed, but I did.  When I did I felt something pull but honestly, I was convinced at this point that she wasn't coming out & it was probably nothing.  Two o'clock in the morning on January 15th I woke with contractions.  I remember getting out of bed & sitting in the rocking chair in our room & just knowing that that specific day was going to be her birthday.  I'm sure all you mamas can relate.  It's like in my heart I just knew.  I contracted alone for about an hour & then woke Dan up.  He, of course, jumped right up.  I called my mom & told her it was time.

We got to the hospital about 4:30 am & I went straight to triage. This has nothing to do with my story but while I was in triage a lady had her baby ... ON the same elevator that we had just gotten off of!  Once I got to triage they did everything they were supposed to ... vitals, monitor, check to see how much I was dilated ... which let me just say hurts SO bad.  I'm not even going to lie.  But, I was only dilated to a two so they made me walk for an hour.  When I got back to triage I was a four & they admitted me!  By this time my parents had gotten there & hung out with Coop.  He was a trooper!! He stayed at the hospital ALL day with us!

Once we got all settled in our room, my contractions were very strong, so I asked for the epidural.  Once I got the epidural, the contractions eased up a little ... for maybe 20 minutes & my doctor came in & broke my water.  But when I never went numb from my belly down, I just knew that it was going to be a VERY long day.  I mean, even that little red button you push for more medicine from the epidural didn't even work! Ahhh!

I was fine until I hit seven centimeters at about 5:00pm & then the next hour & a half was a blur.  I remember being in so much pain & honestly feeling every single bit of her moving down.  TMI but I literally felt like I had to poop that whole time ... just SO much pressure.  The nurse kept coming in every so often & I would be like "it's time, I need her OUT" & she would be like "you're only an 8 or you're only a 9" & I would be all like "I don't care, GET HER OUT!"  They made me wait until I got to a 10 though to start pushing ... imagine that!  The nurse had me flipping side to side to get her to move on down.  I was already exhausted & hadn't even started pushing yet!  I can remember laying on my side crying & looking at my mom saying "I'm trying so hard to be tough & not cry but it hurts SO bad."

Finally the nurse came back in, checked me & said it was baby time!

15 minutes of pushing, a total of 5 pushes, lots of tears & me grabbing Dan's shirt yelling "I can't do this!!!" ... our sweet Millie Jo came into the world at 6:25pm on January 15, 2013. And I felt every single bit of her 8lb 11oz little body but seeing her beautiful little face, none of that pain mattered.

The feeling when you finally see & hold your baby that you've been carrying around for months is indescribable.

Millie Jo Pegram
Our first picture as the Pegram 4!
And you can tell by the way I look that it was HARD work.  SO worth it though!!
One of my all time favorite pictures!

I have lots of people ask me where we got her name.  My grandmother's name was Mildred Lucille so I took Millie from Mildred & my mom's middle name is Jo :).

Happy Birthday Month, my sweet girl!



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