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First Grade Field Trip :: The Zoo

by - Thursday, June 01, 2017

Happy Thursday and ...

Five & a half more days until summer break ... five & a half!
Ahhh!  We can do it!
We see you summer.

Ok, so last night I was looking through pictures on my phone ... all 1,400 of them 😮 ... & realized that I never shared Cooper's first grade field trip to the zoo.  From March.  Oh my heart.  Summer ... I need YOU!

So since we are still in the school year ... for only five & a half more days ... have I already said that!?! 😉  I thought I would share all the pictures with you now.

We had the option to ride on the bus with our child OR we could follow behind them ...
My mom, Millie Jo & I followed behind.
Ready to have so much fun with my favorite boy!
And girl.
Watching the sea lions.
This was about the time that we were waiting 436 years on April the giraffe to give birth so selfies with a giraffe were a must.
Waiting to watch the gorilla eat lunch.
That gorilla was HILARIOUS!
Our last stop on our way out was to see the penguins. 
These two loved them.
I personally thought they smelled horrible, but it didn't seem to bother them! 😉

Phewwww ... SO glad I went through pictures on my phone last night & found all of these.  I LOVE having all these posts to look back on & for my kiddos to check out one day!


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  1. Zoos are always fun to visit. I love your daughter's adorable outfit.