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Workin' It Wednesday :: Keeping Our Kiddos Entertained During Summer

by - Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hey Hey y'all!
Once a month I link up with Erika & Shay for Workin' It Wednesday & every month we discuss a different topic on how us women keep it all together! 

Here are the topics we have already covered so far this year ...
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Summer time is our jam around here.  While I love a good routine during the school year, during the summer we don't really have one.  I let my kiddos wake up on their own, I do still make them lay down at a decent hour each night, some days we have plans for the next day and some days we don't make plans until an hour before we leave the house.  Heck, some days we don't even leave the house at all or get out of our pjs & they stay on their iPad a lot longer than they should.  Summer is a time that wherever my kiddos fall asleep at night is where they sleep the entire night.  They are currently snoozing in our bonus room as we speak. 

We just love summer!

Every summer we make our family bucket list & if you missed it, I shared ours last week

I think as mamas we feel like we have to keep our kiddos entertained every day during summer ... and maybe for our own sanity we do.  But I wasn't lying when I say some days we stay home and do nothing and I think that is perfectly fine. I feel it teaches them to slow down.  I mean, we don't always have to be doing something fun ... sometimes mama has to catch up on ALL the 14 loads of laundry she's I'm behind on. 😉

Most days though, we do try to find something to do whether its ... 
Playing board games . . .
 Swimming & playing in the pool . . .
Painting or playing with play dough on the back deck . . .
Going to the beach on family vacation . . .
Or something as simple as movie night ... every single night!

What about you!?  What do you do to keep your kiddos entertained during the summer!?!  If it were completely up to my two, they would chose to go play putt-putt or go to Chuck E Cheese every day.  Or just stay home and eat every single one of our snacks in two days. 😉

One things for sure though, I will miss these days one day.  Summer will come around & they will not want to hang out with their mama.  I want to cherish every second.  Even the ones when they are so exhausted & so desperately need a nap!


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  1. Your last paragraph #amen. These days are fleeting, I hope I do them well since I only get one chance and you are right soon they won't want to be here with me :)! xoxo ERIN

    1. Time is already going by so fast! And you're an incredible mama!

  2. We are the same about movies- there's one feature (and sometimes a double feature) every night!

    1. Yes!! We love our movies!! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Love it! We are definitely needing to stay home during the day tomorrow so I can catch up on all the things. We've been home just enough to make a mess lately!

    1. Girl! You & me both. I told my kiddos tonight that I have to at least pick up the house tomorrow!