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Weekend Wrap Up

by - Monday, June 12, 2017

Happy Monday!

Do y'all know how amazing it felt going to bed last night & NOT having to set my alarm for a Monday morning!! 😊

And I am eating leftover homemade ice cream from yesterday as I write this post ...

On Friday we kicked off our summer with lunch & milkshakes!
More on Millie Jo's shirt this week! 😉
Saturday morning these two & I ran errands.
And we stopped for snow cones on our way home because with 90 degree weather it just made sense!

Saturday afternoon there was lots of swimming, swinging & trampoline jumping going on while Dan redid our back deck steps.  And Saturday night after baths, Cooper & Millie Jo crashed so Dan & I had a little date-night-in watching a movie ... until I fell asleep about 30 minutes into it.  HA! #sorrybabe

On Friday night, my cousin, Jackson, graduated high school so on Sunday night, we threw him a surprise party at our house!
Millie Jo LOVES her big cousin Luci.
And a little fun fact ... these two girls are both named after my maw-maw.  Her name was Mildred Lucille & that's where I got Millie from! 😍 
Such a fun way to end our weekend!  And Jackson was so surprised which made it even better!

I talk about my family often & honestly, I could go on & on about how incredible each & everyone of them are.  Families as close as ours is very rare these days but I thank God for them each & every day.  We are far from perfect but we all love hard.

How was your weekend!?!

If you missed my post from Friday you can see it here. I shared our 2017 summer bucket list & we may or may not have already gotten started on it! 😉


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