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Show & Tell Tuesday :: The Struggle is Real

by - Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hey Hey!

Two Tuesday's a month I link up with Andrea over at the Momfessionals blog for Show & Tell Tuesday.
And today we are talking about how ...
Motherhood struggles, marriage struggles, life struggles ... ALL things struggle.

We all know how good social media is at making our lives look perfect ... but lets face it, we ALL have struggles.

So let's be real ... just like the struggle. 😉
Well it's a good thing!
Some days I am just a big ole hot mess ... some days I feel like a rock star mom ... & other days my kiddos drive me nuts.

And then ...
The struggle is real.
Oh my sweet Millie Jo.
Girlfriend is as strong willed as they come & will throw down the second she doesn't get her way.  And she also gets a spanking for it because ain't nobody got time for that.  That girl is determined to get what she wants when she wants it.  Sorry baby girl, life doesn't work that way.
Little miss 4 going on 20.
And here she is trying to compromise with me that since I wouldn't let her spend her dollar in the quarter machine, then I should take her to Starbucks for a double chocolate chip frappe. 

I mean, need I say more!?!
Story of my life, y'all.

I feel like I really have my life together when I meal plan for the week ... only to walk right out of my house, get to the grocery store & realize my dern list is on the counter.

The struggle.
Or Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back ... 😏
Since I was about 12 or 13 years old I've suffered from severe migraines.  Y'all, they're horrible & a major struggle for me.
My life.

And a little more realness for you ...
Every single day.
I walk into Millie Jo's room & this is how it always ... always ... always looks.
And for a neat freak mama, the struggle is real.😂
PLEASE tell me that my kiddos aren't the only ones who want to eat!?!?
Oh my heart! Give them all the snacks .. or don't because if you do they are sure to eat them all ... in like a day!
Y'all ...
I bet I say "no means no" 27 times a day.
Yep, that's my bed ... & that's our clean laundry.
It's no secret to any of my readers that I stink at keeping up with laundry.  I've tried doing a load a day but then miss a day & it reaches the point of no return.

The struggle is REAL!!!
My poor hubby.
He's such a good man & doesn't even say anything about all of our "happy mail" coming in but I'm sure in his head he's thinking "good grief, woman." 😉
And speaking of my sweet hubby ...
#momlife .. #wifelife .. #SAHMlife

He really does love me! HA!
And all the mamas said amen.
I had several mamas message me after seeing my insta story of Cooper hitting the baseball & BARELY missing Millie Jo's head with the ball the other day & told me that I wasn't alone! Thank you, girls!

For the most part they get along ... no, who am I kidding ... they fight 98% of the time.  I mean I had to sit them down the very first day of summer & tell them that I was NOT going to call them down all day every day for fighting.

Another struggle ... geez, I bet y'all are thinking I could go on all day!

Our weekly Sunday pictures ...
Just a few of my favorite "mama tried" pictures. 😉

And while all these "struggles" I have shared above are true & some funny, I wouldn't feel right about doing this post without mentioning the struggle that my marriage went through in 2015.  My marriage was left lifeless and all thanks to ... me.  Even though my hubby, being the man he is, would never let me take full blame, I take it.  If you were to ask me or him, we would've told you that our marriage was over & we were ready to call it quits but God had other plans.  HUGE plans.  He used our heartache for His glory, He mended our hearts, He restored our marriage. So many times people have said to us "your family is beautiful, the all American family" but little did they know what we were going through & what all we have been through to get us where we are today.  The struggle WAS real but that struggle made us stronger than ever & we give God all the glory because only He could get us through that.  I am so thankful God blessed me with such a loving man with a very forgiving heart!

And another struggle in my life is one that I talk about often, losing Ruthie Belle at 15 weeks pregnant.  That one was huge for me & Dan.  But again, though I may not fully understand why things happened like they did, I give God the glory because He is using her precious life.

Maybe you currently have a struggle in your life whether it be in your marriage, motherhood or just life in general.  I am with you.  I've been there.  Feel free to email me or comment.  I would love to pray for you. 
Keep your eyes to Jesus.  Thank Him for the struggle & allow Him to use it.  I promise you, if you do so, He can heal any marriage, sickness, relationship & heartache.

I loved this topic for today's link up!  It reminded me just how perfectly imperfect my little family is & that is ok because this is us.💛 

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  1. Great shares! I saw that kid eating schedule on Facebook the other day and laughed so hard! My favorite is when your kid has basically had a 4 course lunch and then 30 minutes later asks when we're going to be eating lunch!?! Agh!

  2. Love this post and your sweet honesty and heart - God is using your life as a sweet encouragement and testimony to others! Keep on keeping on! Xoxo Erin

  3. Great post, Whitney! Love your openness and honesty. And girl, I totally GET IT! My kids fight allllll day long and are constantly snacking. Like ALL.DAY.LONG!