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A Little Bit of This & That

by - Friday, June 23, 2017

Happy Friday, y'all!

Today I am sharing . . .
We have been enjoying our summer so much & feel like it's already going by so fast!

Oh & we've been checking things off our summer bucket list!  If you haven't checked ours out, make sure you do & let us know any other ideas y'all might have.

I've been trying to keep my kiddos busy but we have also been finding fun things to do at home, too.  Whether it's board games, swimming, playing outside or just spending all afternoon watching movies.  It's been pretty amazing.  We have a couple trips planned this summer, my kiddos finished VBS at my parents church last week & tonight is their last night of it at my in-loves church, they have swim lessons next month & also our church's VBS.  Throw 4th of July festivities in there & birthdays & we are pretty busy! 😉

Here's a little more of what we've been up to . . .
Millie Jo asks every day to take a walk.  She LOVES to walk around our neighborhood & push her baby in her stroller!
 A couple weeks ago, my mama sent me this picture of me on the left.
Love that little mini me of mine!
The day we made our bucket list, we all three laid in the floor in our foyer while writing it & then they asked if we could take pictures when we got finished.
I am so thankful for their laughs!

And speaking of laughing ...
I found this on Dan's phone the other day & it made me giggle.
Girlfriend loves her daddy ... & apparently his work safety glasses!
Oh, I love summer with these two.
This was one day after we spent an hour & a half at Chick-Fil-A eating & letting them play.
Not one but TWO days last week this man & I had a little date night while our kiddos were at VBS.  One night we went to dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant because well, he knows the way to my heart ...
And the next night we grabbed dinner & went & got a snow cone.
 One day Millie Jo asked if I would "teach" her how to do a puppet show. 😉 So I gave her paper plates to make her puppets, I sat up chairs with a blanket draped over them & we went with it.  For someone whose imagination is HUGE, the girl just couldn't seem to understand that she wasn't supposed to be seen during the show nor did she know what to talk about.  I finally had to say, "you know, pretend like those kids to on YouTube Kids do."  #facepalm ... she totally understood after that!
Millie Jo loves to sleep with her hair in braids & it be "curly" the next day.  The very first day she wore it this way, she looked in the mirror & said "Mommy! I have mermaid hair like Madi!" [<-my sister-in-love]
Speaking of ... 😍

Earlier this week Coop got his haircut ...
While we waited on him ... we did this.
We are pretty obsessed with our incredible salon!
And btw ... check out little Miss Legs for days!
On Wednesday, we went to a dollar movie [during the summer our movie theater plays movies that have already been out & they are only $1 ... pretty much the best idea ever!] with sweet friends & then went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.

And then later that night this happened ...
That girl!! 😆

So there's a little bit of this & that for your Friday!

What are your weekend plans!?  Anything fun!?!
I hope it's such a good one!


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  1. Gotta love date night- we finally found a good sitter, so we're hoping to take advantage of that soon! MJ's hair looks great! We went to get haircuts the other day to try to help our insane hair, and all of this swimming has just made things worse- ack! Hope you guys have a super fun weekend!

    1. Yes, date night is a must!! Thank you, she has yet to say she wants it cut so she may always want it long! ;) Hope y'all had a wonderful fourth!!