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New York :: Days 2 & 3

by - Thursday, September 01, 2016

September already!?
Fall is so close & that makes this girl so happy!

Like I said in yesterday's post, I am heading to the beach today for the holiday weekend with my little fam & can not wait!

But I am still sharing days 2 & 3 of my New York trip with you today.
If you missed day 1 you can read it here.

Let's get right into it :) . . .
Ready to start day 2!
Friday morning we started our day off walking to the closest Starbucks for breakfast.
I, of course, had my go to of a toasted bagel w/cream cheese & a double chocolate chip frappe.
So good!

After breakfast we got on the tour bus & headed out to do some shopping.
First stop ... Macy's.
Oh my goodness, that place is huge! Seeing it on TV doesn't do it justice.
Not sure if you know or not but when you go to pay if you show them your ID to prove you're out of state you get 10% off your purchase.  Each time I went & paid, each cashier told me that there was no need for me to show my ID because they could tell by my southern accent that I wasn't from up north.  HA! Who would have ever guessed that?? :)

After shopping we headed to China Town for lunch.
We found a place called Shang Hai (which was highly recommended by lots of people) & I must say, it was amazing!
I've never tasted sesame chicken like that before.

After a long day of shopping & sight seeing we went back to the hotel to get ready for the night . . .

Before we even left for our trip we bought tickets for a Broadway show & we chose Chicago.
Y'all, {<--maybe that's the southern accent the said cashiers were talking about ;)} the show was wonderful!
The show was over about 10:30pm & since we ate a later lunch we just decided to eat afterwards.
Juniors, which was right across the street, is known for its cheesecake so we went there.  I chose a salad for dinner & for dessert I got ...

A piece of red velvet cake.
Everyone else got cheesecake but I just could not pass this up.
It was delicious!

And that was day 2!

Day 3 . . .
Saturday morning with a view & Starbucks ...
Oh, & a bike ride through Central Park.

Here is the text I sent Dan ...
I was so excited!
It is just beautiful!
 After Central Park we decided we would walk to Rockefeller Center to have lunch & do some more shopping, only to realize that it was a little farther than what we wanted to walk . . .
... so we grabbed a cab.
Before we did that though, as we were walking we passed by The Plaza Hotel ... you know, the Home Alone 2 hotel.
My kiddos love the Home Alone movies (like their mama & JuJu) so it was a must for me to go inside & get a picture for us them :).

We had to be back at our hotel by 5pm to grab our luggage & head to the airport for our 8:45pm flight.

By the time we got there, went through security & ate dinner it was time to board the plane to come home.
We landed about 10:15 & boy was I ready to see my babes!

That wraps up my New York trip!
This girls getaway was SO much fun & very much needed.
We are already planning our next trip!

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!



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