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Weekend Wrap Up

by - Monday, September 26, 2016

Oh hey there, Monday.

Last week was exhausting & our weekend was no different!  But ... I did get my downstairs all painted & only have a few projects left to do before it's completed :).

Friday night my kiddos spent the night with Mimi & Paw-Paw so while Dan was working, I was painting away & getting my house cleaned up!  The fact that on Saturday afternoon I was able to sit down on the couch in my clean living room with freshly painted walls was just amazing. HA!

My parents are going back to Honduras on a mission trip so Saturday morning we joined in on their yard sale to help raise money for it. 

My in-loves brought my kiddos to us just in time for my sister to take them to a birthday party.
Coop was SO excited that Mimi & Paw-Paw bought him a Panther jersey.
And by the way ... when did he get so big!?!
Gosh, I love this boy!
Birthday party fun!!

While Cooper & Millie Jo were at the party, Dan & I headed home from the yard sale, grabbed pizza & took naps ... because why not!?!
Remember that clean living room I was just talking about??
This was 30 minutes after my kiddos got home Saturday afternoon :).
Saturday evening Dan & I got beat at several board games by our kids we played board games! ;)
On Sunday mornings I get up before everyone & get ready ... when I woke these two up I couldn't help but laugh! Their profiles look just alike!
When you just have to take a phone call walking into lunch.
Love my girl!
As we were leaving the restaurant, Millie Jo insisted on cleaning our table.  I mean, she made sure she wiped down the entire thing ... finally Dan said "ok, I'm going to go put Coop in the car." HA!! 

These two & that hashtag.
Starbucks after lunch for the win!
I tried getting a picture with my man after lunch & had the cutest little photo bombers ever!
Something Dan & I have always taught our kiddos is to have a heart to serve, so on Sunday afternoon we went & helped pack up a truck full of baby items to send to a pregnancy center in Louisiana.  They lost all of their stuff due to the flood.

They were such great helpers & never complained one single time.
After volunteering we headed to get a snow cone!
Sunday night bed time shenanigans with my girl.

And that was what we were up to this weekend.
I hope yours was fabulous!



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