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A Little Bit of This & That ...

by - Thursday, September 08, 2016

Happy Thursday!

This week has been so exhausting & it's not because we have been busy or anything but because we are coming off of a long weekend & getting back on a schedule is always hard.

Here's a little bit of this & that for you ... & I do mean 'a little bit' because we seriously haven't done much!
Grammy & Pop bought a camper a few weeks ago & these two couldn't be more excited.
They ask me every day when do they get to go sleep in the camper.
On Monday after we got home from the beach, we ran by their house to see them & my kiddos insisted on staying there so they could play in the camper.  Of course, Grammy said yes because she's just as excited about it as they are :).
Can I just tell you how long I sat here having to use the bathroom the other night but couldn't figure out how to get up!?!
Yesterday Millie Jo & I went & had lunch with Coop Coop.
He came to sit down with us & had a salad on his plate ... I know for a fact that child does not eat salad but I didn't say anything.  He sat down & handed the salad to me & said "Here mom, I got this for you because I didn't know if you brought you anything to eat."
Y'all, he is THE sweetest!
I love his heart.
Last night these girls & I went to one of our favorite consignment sales.
SO many great finds ... & if you were to ask my hubby he'd say 'too' many finds.

And that's what we have been up to.

Tomorrow my Friday Favorites post will be all about our Labor Day weekend.
See you then!



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