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Friday Favorites :: Our Labor Day Weekend

by - Friday, September 09, 2016

Hey there, Friday!

I'm linking up with Erika, Narci & Andrea for Friday Favorites & today I'm sharing all about our Labor Day weekend :).
Thursday we sent Coop to school for half a day & after we picked him up at 11:30 we headed to the beach.
We love stopping at McLeod's in South Carolina for ice cream.
It is some of the best!
We got to the beach about 5:45pm & went straight to dinner at Hamburger Joe's.  It is ahhhhmazing!
The only thing this girl talked about the whole way there was going swimming so after dinner we went back to the condo so she could do just that.  Well, about 5 minutes after getting into the pool tropical storm Hermine decided to show up.  I let her swim for a few more minutes since it was just rain ... you know, long enough for to get her swim fix in.
Friday morning the storm rolled in even more so we headed to the mall ... along with everyone else at the beach.

I have had SO many compliments on my fedora & honestly, I have had it so long I can't even remember where it came from.  So sorry but thank y'all!
While at the mall we walked by a vendor in the middle of the mall & saw these tiny dogs that walk & bark squeak.  At first I was all like 'no way Millie Jo, you need no toys' ... & then she picked it up, hugged it & kissed it & I was all like 'ok, how much & where do I pay?' I mean, it was the sweetest thing.  She just loves Cupcake Cutie Pie :).
Cooper didn't want a toy.  Instead he wanted a new hat.
That boy has been wearing hats since he was tiny!
If you saw my post on Tuesday then you know I love shoes so when I saw Millie Jo trying on all the women shoes at Belk, I had to take a picture.

There is no doubt that this girl is my mini me!
Remember the pizza place I told you about back in June?!
We went again.  Oh my heart, it's just SO good!
After dinner we walked out on the beach (in between the rain storms).  The water was so cold & so rough!
I think she loves her big brother just a little bit.

Saturday we spent our day out by the ocean ... and I have never seen it so calm.
It was like a lake!
After our day at the ocean we went out to dinner.
These two ...
 And this girl!

Love my man so much!

After dinner we played putt-putt & we quickly found out that Millie Jo is the funniest putt-putt player ... ever!  I can't tell you how many times she swung at the ball over & over again & kept missing it.

On Sunday Dan, Coop & my father-in-love played golf ...
while we headed to the pool with JuJu & Josh.
Peppa Pig & her family even joined us :).
Girls, girls, girls ... & yes, my sunglasses are crooked because I threw them down in my purse & they got bent. Sigh.
I could eat her up!
Sunday night we went to dinner & took a late night walk on the beach before going back to our condo & packing up to head home on Monday morning.

Such a fun little weekend getaway.

And now that our summer vacations are over I am so ready for fall!

I hope y'all have a great weekend!



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  1. It looks like you had lots of fun! Bummer that Hermine put a bit of a damper on your trip, but it looks like you all still had fun.:)

  2. Looks like such a fun vacation!! We're headed to the beach in 2 weeks and I can't wait!