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Friday Favorites :: Consignment Sale Style

by - Friday, September 16, 2016

Oh Friday, we love you around here.

Listen y'all, I had every intention on sharing my post about the Walk for Life event that took place in our community last weekend but life happened [no worries, it's coming next week :)].  We are getting ready to have a big yard sale PLUS I'm in the process of going through baby/too little clothes finally & consigning them.  I am such a hoarder when it comes to baby stuff. Sigh.  You can only imagine how happy my hubby is that I'm finally getting around to it.  I could literally open up my own shop with all the baby clothes/stuff I have.  Any ways, my point was ... I didn't blog yesterday because all week I have been cleaning out every single room & haven't even had a chance to sit down.  I hope to be finished by tomorrow though.

Every week I link up with Erika, Narci & Andrea for Friday Favorites & we share a few of our favorite things.

Here are some of my favs . . .
A friend of mine on Facebook is a nail tech & posted a picture earlier this week asking if anyone was interested in about 20 different nail polishes.  I messaged her & said heck yea ... when & where can I pick it up!?!  So yesterday Millie Jo & I ran & picked them up.
This color quickly became my favorite for fall!
OPI : God Save The Queen's Nails
Isn't it gorgeous!?!
Another favorite is when my sweet hubby calls & asks me if I can meet him for a dinner date while our kiddos are with Mimi & JuJu.

Last but not least . . .

Last week I told you I went to one of my most favorite consignment sales.  It's a more high end sale & it's just always so fabulous.  Of course, I spent WAY too much but oh my heart, these things were just too cute to pass up.
Oh, plaid. 
Give me all the heart eyes emojis!
This coat is from Gap & I can't wait to pair it with her red Hunter boots.

Speaking of ... I saw these this week online.
I mean, how stinkin' cute!?!
This Giggle Moon outfit may just be my favorite!
Once I saw the tiny ballerinas, I was sold.
Mustard Pie never disappoints.
I'm thinking Millie Jo's moccasin boots will look SO good with this!
When I saw this Mustard Pie outfit, I wasn't sure if I wanted to get it or not ... then I thought, oh gosh a denim jacket would go great with this.
I LOVE this Gap sweater I found for Coop.
I always have the hardest time shopping consignment sales for him so when I found this & a pair of shoes for him, I was happy!
The said shoes.
Converse may just be my favorite to see on his feet!
I handed both the shoes & the sweater to him when I got home & he said ... "you can keep the sweater, mom ... I really just love the shoes". HA!
Livie & Luca  shoes that I got for a steal.
Never even worn!
I love the green, too.
This dress is SweetHoney.
I have always seen them on Facebook but never bought anything of theirs until now.
This dress will be beautiful in the spring/summer & even paired with a denim jacket & boots in the fall.

There you have it . . .  3 [plus 8] of my favorite things!

I hope y'all have an amazing weekend.

See you Monday!



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  1. Those are some cute outfits you picked out. Love the polish perfect for fall!! Hope you and the hubby had fun. We are so overdue on a date.