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by - Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Hi! I hope your sweet families had an incredible Thanksgiving!  Ours sure did! Did anyone finish their Christmas shopping on Black Friday!?!  Your girl didn't even go out until later Friday morning because there was just nothing that I HAD to have. Guess who is way ahead of the game this year & almost finished with the Christmas shopping!?!  

Okay, back to Thanksgiving & being so super thankful for all the people in my life.  
Especially this family of mine right here.

I've been teasing you with sneak peeks over on INSTAGRAM for a few days now & today, I'm sharing them all.

When booking a photographer this year, I was looking for someone who could catch my kiddos personalities to a T ... & y'all, Kayla over at KAYLA ADAMS PHOTOGRAPHY did just that and MORE!

I mean, she is amazing at what she does!

I have loved every single family pictures we have had made in the past ... like LOVED, but we have never had ones like this before & I am obsessed.

We just had so much fun!

How we feel most days being the ring leaders of this circus ... 😉

Forever thankful for him.

Please note Itty Bitty's face.

The ones of them with their arms around each other & smiling are cute, BUT, there is no better picture to describe their relationship than this one right here!  HA!
Can you blame me for posting so many!?!  How do I just pick a few favorites when they are THAT good!

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  1. So good! Love them all. When y'all are walking away from the camera, Dan's glasses on the back of his head tripped me up for a minute. LOL
    I don't know how you will pick which ones to print!

    1. That's so funny you say that because during one of those pictures I looked at him & said "are you going to leave those sunglasses on the back of your head for all the pictures?" And he said "yep." HAHA!!

  2. You have such a darling family, and all the pictures turned out great.