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by - Thursday, December 05, 2019

Happy Friday Eve, y'all!

Tuesday, I shared OUR FAMILY PICTURES so if you want to see the most fun family session ever, head over there to check them out!

Cooper & Millie Jo were out of school last Wednesday - Monday for Thanksgiving break but they didn't go back until Tuesday ... more on that later, but we love us a good break from school.  We are now counting down the days until Christmas break!  Eeek!
If you've been here awhile, then you know I love a family tradition & Thanksgiving morning has one of the sweetest.  Typically we make cinnamon rolls & watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade together, but, this year, the kids requested pancakes, bacon, eggs & sausage.  So we decided to all get up early & cook together.  I made a super fun video that you can find over on my INSTAGRAM of our morning, too!  After we cooked, we ate & watched the parade together.  I think I love this new tradition!  Itty Bitty was really into all the floats this year, too!

We headed to my parent's house later that afternoon to celebrate Thanksgiving with all the food ...
It didn't take these three long to find the leaves.

Sweet cousins.

We all love us some Aunt Ashley!

Millie Jo snapped this picture of us while we were all making a snapchat video.  You can only imagine how that turned out!
Speaking of Millie Jo ... little mama.
But seriously, I just want to squeeze those legs all day long!
These two & their relationship is hilarious. She may or may not have him wrapped around her finger!
After lunch, we watched football & these three helped Grammy decorate her tree!
As for Thanksgiving day, Grammy & Pop's house was the only plans we had & while many of you were probably out Black Friday shopping, we were all in bed by 10pm & it was amazing.  HA!
Oh, & this was my breakfast that morning.
I'm just here to tell y'all that ain't nobody got nothin' on my hubby's chocolate pecan pie!

We didn't celebrate with my in-loves until Saturday, which is not how we normally do it but it's what worked this year & it was a sweet day for several reasons!

What is it about Thanksgiving & playing football outside in the yard!?!  It's a must for us!
First she's sour ...
Then she's sweet! 😉

Another day .. Another picture throwing leaves.

It was all fun & games ...
Until this happened & my back STILL feels it.  HA!
But dang it, I love him!

Oh Thanksgiving, we love you & all the sweet traditions you bring!

Okay, I'm off to work the Santa Shop at the kid's school.
Y'all have a great Thursday!

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