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WEEKEND [2019]

by - Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Hey Hey!

Our weekend started out with gymnastics on Friday afternoon, a trip to urgent care for Itty Bitty to find out she had a severe double ear infection & then basketball practice that evening.  THEN, we had ZERO plans until Saturday evening!  WHO ARE WE!?!  Not gonna lie, it felt so good.

And our elf, Fred, must've known that we had nothing to do because he surprised us with a gingerbread house Saturday morning.  What a smart elf ... 😉
The concentration was real ...
Fun little hack for you : Put all the toppings in a muffin tin.  You can sort them out equally so there is no arguing over who gets what candy to decorate with!  And also, wrapping paper works great as a table cloth.
Can we just talk about someone's tiny little hand stealing candy!?!  My heart!  She was there for it, y'all!

After a morning of decorating our gingerbread house, a migraine decided to show up an hour before we had to walk out of the door Saturday night ... sigh.  I've suffered from them since I was 13 years old & they are literally just horrible ... if ya know, ya know.
I took one for the team .. headache & all .. because I did NOT want to miss out on dinner, bowling & arcade games to celebrate my sister's birthday!

Having little mini's is so much fun!!

It was such a fun night with family!

These types of nights are just so good for the soul!

I'm so thankful that our weekend ended a lot less low key than it started.  My girl is finally starting to feel better!

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