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by - Friday, December 13, 2019

Happy Friday, friends!  We have officially made it to the weekend .. my hubby's birthday weekend, I might add!  Only F O U R days left until Christmas break & we are all so excited over here!

Speaking of Christmas ... if your kids are anything like mine, then they just have too much "stuff!"  It drives me bananas all the things they accumulate.  So this year, we asked everyone who buys them gifts, to get them something they need or something to do with them.

And Grammy & Popped surprised them with a night to the GREAT WOLF LODGE!  Dan & I even got to tag along.  We had so much fun!  If you have never heard of it, it's a resort with a huge water park inside.

We got there on Sunday morning two weeks ago & were ready to start our little overnight getaway!  Of course, my kiddos were so worried that Fred, our elf, would miss out so he conveniently put himself in a mason jar the night before we left & had wrote a note asking if he could go with us.

Once we got there, got checked in & took approximately 356 pictures with all the things, we headed straight to the water park!

We stayed there a few hours until our room was ready.  That's another great thing about this resort, even if your room is not ready, you can take full advantage of the water park which have bathrooms, changing rooms & restaurants!

After our room was ready, we headed to get changed into our pjs for the "snow show" in the main lobby!  It really snowed!!  I mean, bubble suds but let's face it, sometimes in NC, that is the closest to snow you will get to! 😉

After the show, we went back to the room for dinner before it was time to meet the big guy!
And if you ask Itty Bitty, it was PURE TORTURE!  Poor baby.  She will talk about Ho Ho all day but don't you dare get her anywhere close to him! HA!

But for real, who can say they get to meet Santa in their pjs & crocs ... HAHA!!
Only our finest for St. Nick!

Later that evening, they had another show & craft for the kiddos to do & then we called it a night!

I just love how happy they are were at this very moment & couldn't help but be so thankful that they have each other forever!

Thank you Grammy & Pop for such a fun memorable Christmas present!  And thank you Great Wolf Lodge for having us!!

Okay, my babes are off to a Christmas party & I'm off to a date night with my hubby!

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