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by - Wednesday, November 27, 2019


I have some pretty excited kiddos over here to be on a break from school.  And one very happy mama!  Give me all the fam bam time!  As for today, it's supposed to rain so we have big plans to stay in & bake a few goodies for tomorrow. 

Today's post is an assortment of random little things that have been going on in our lives ...
Like this boy of mine being selected as one of the two students from his school to share his poem he wrote at our local museum a couple weeks ago.  WHAT!!  Ahhh! So stinkin' proud of him!
I mean!!
Each elementary school in the county picked two fourth graders from each school & Cooper's got picked!  He talks all the time about how one day he is going to write a book so you can only imagine how thrilled he was when he found out!
Dan & I loved sharing this experience with him!

And speaking of writing ...
When Dan & I WENT AWAY FOR THE WEEKEND a few weeks ago, we came back home to this sweet note from Millie Jo!
I have started keeping our niece one day a week & it is by far Ellie Joy's favorite day of the week.  These girls have so much fun & are going to be trouble one day! 
If you follow me over on INSTAGRAM, then you know that a couple weeks ago we had our family pictures made.  We recently got them back & y'all, I AM OBSESSED!  I can't wait to share them all with you.
Oh this boy!
He smiles ALL the time!
Itty Bitty & I kept him Monday & they are so sweet together.
She loves her some 'Por-Por'!
Okay, probably THE most random picture in this post BUT, why keep a good thing to yourself!?!  Y'all, have you been to IHOP to try the Elf on the Shelf breakfast!?!  We may or may not have gone two days in a row because these pancakes are AMAZING! Seriously, do yourself a favor & go!
One day while in pick up line, I looked up & saw this.
They really can get along ... sometimes.
This girl is so funny.  I see you, little tiny hair bow that we can finally wear!
Have you seen the 10 challenge going around on Instagram!?!  I think these pictures speak for themselves.
Just last night, I walked into the bathroom to give Ellie Joy a bath & found these two girls LIKE THIS.  Millie Jo had gotten her into the bath & decided to join her ... with her clothes on.  I'm telling y'all, never a dull moment in this house!
ON SATURDAY, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family.  And while I shared all the pictures on yesterday's post, I somehow missed this one.  HOW!?!  Love this mini me of mine!

Okay, I'm going to spend the day with my babes AND Dan gets off work early today!  If you need us, we will be over here baking delicious pecan pies ... & by we, I mean Dan.

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